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Port Clinton Marina LLC Rules and Regulations  
  1. The word “Marina” is used to indicate any person authorized to represent Port Clinton Marina LLC. The Word “customer” is used to indicate the owner of any boat docked or stored at Port Clinton Marina LLC.
  2. Slip Rental & Yearly customers The slip rental period is from May 1st through October 31st. Any customer wishing to remain in the water after November 1st must contact the Marina owner. If by October 31st the (Yearly customer) has not contacted the Marina regarding a hauling date, then the Marina will haul the customer's boat at the Marina’s convenience. The customer remains responsible for winterizing their boat.
  3. Contract & Deposits Contracts will be mailed out in October. It is the customer's responsibility to complete the contract and return with a deposit as stipulated by October 15th.  Any slips not under deposit by October 15th will be considered available to other Marina customers or new customers on the Marina’s waiting list.
  4. Non-Transferability Slips rented for the season are not transferable and cannot be sublet.  Should a customer change boats during the contract period, the customer is responsible to notify the Marina.
  5. Insurance customer agrees to have adequate boat insurance for complete marine coverage including liability, loss and damage. The customer agrees that the slip rental is at his or her own risk. The Marina is not responsible for any damage or injuries caused by theft, wake, flood, fire, hurricane or any act of God. The customer shall hold the Marina harmless in the event of such an occurrence. The customer will be held responsible for damage they may cause to other boats in the marina or to the structures or facilities thereof.
  6. Conduct The disorderly conduct of any persons using, visiting or occupying the marina, who in the opinion of the Marina may cause injury or damage to life or property, shall be cause for immediate revocation of this Contract. There will be no refund of the storage charges paid pursuant to the contract.  The customer shall be responsible for the conduct of all persons using, visiting or occupying his boat.
  7. customer Responsibilities customer is responsible to provide at least two (2) fenders and four- (4) dock lines in good condition on board prior to launching. The customer will keep the area around their boat free from any trash and debris. customers are not permitted to burn paint, start fires or transport flammable materials on or across any part of the Marina. customer shall not spill, discharge or discard at the Marina any used oil, gas, paint thinner, holding tank material or other dangerous substances. An adult must accompany small children at all times. There is to be no running, diving or swimming on or near the docks. No charcoal fires or open fires of any kind are permitted on boats, walkways or within the confines of the marina.
  8. Transient Docking  The Marina reserves the right to rent slips to transients when not occupied by the customer. The customer should notify the Marina of the departure date and the returning date if the customer leaves his slip for one week or more.
  9. Storm Conditions  In the event of a severe storm, hurricane or flooding, the customer shall remain primarily responsible for the safety of his boat and shall take reasonable actions to ensure the safety of the vessel.
  10. Schedule For Hauling.  A two-(2) day notice from the customer is required for the hauling of a customer’s boat (winter or short haul). The customer is responsible for the collection of dock lines and hoses at the end of the summer season.
  11. Moving Boats.  Due to increased liability, the Marina will charge the customer to move boats to and from their slips.
  12. Attachments To Docks. In order to maintain the docks, no attachments (Nails, screws etc.) to the docks are permitted without prior approval of the Marina.
  13. Trailer & Cradle Storage.  There will be a charge of $250.00 for summer storage of cradles and trailers in the yard.
  14. Bottom Preparation Our customers may only sand their boats if a Vacuum Sanding System (VSS) is used. The VSS is available from the marina office. No bottom painting or sanding is allowed in high winds.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in clean up fines of $100.00 per hour.
  15. Personal Items At the end of the boating season all personal items (hoses, lines, fenders and bait traps etc.) must be removed.  On Dec. 1st the marina will remove and discard all abandoned items.
  16. Bait Baskets Crab traps, bait baskets etc. Shall not be tied off to the docks.  The customer may tie such items off their boat.
  17. Late Hauling Boats must be available for hauling by November 1st.  Boats not available for hauling by November 1st must be available for launch by April 1st or incur relocation charge of $150.00.
  18. Yearly customers Spring Launching Boats remaining on land after June1st will be charged $25 per day land storage up to the monthly rate of $350.00. Relocation fees of up to $150 per relocation will apply. Boats will not be launched or hauled on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.
    All accounts must be paid in full prior to launching. (No Cash No Splash).
  19. Outside Labor Outside labor & contractors are not permitted to work on any boat without permission of the Marina.  Outside labor & contractors are required to provide a copy of their insurance coverage policy. The marina will charge the customer 20% of our published rates when outside labor is used for bottom preparation & painting.  The customer must accompany any “friends” that prepare and bottom paint. If not then the 20% rule applies. Shrink Wrapping shall only be performed by the Marina.
  20. Electrical Power customers requiring electricity during the winter season will be charged $150.00, single 30 amp service on the dock $50.00 and double 30 amp service on the dock $150.00 for the summer season.
  21. Fishing. Fishing on the docks is not permitted. Please fish off your own boat.
  22. Fish Cleaning  Section 15-8 and 25-54f of the General Statutes of Connecticut – prohibits the discharge or disposal of rubbish, waste material or refuse material of any kind into the waters of any river, stream, pond, or tidal waters.  A penalty of $1000.00 fine or imprisonment of three months or both.
  23. Pets.  Pets must be leashed at all times.  The customer shall be responsible for policing their pets.

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